developing your brand through eye-catching design

Your vision is what created your business. Your motivation is what got you where you are today. But what's your next step? Maybe you just opened your business and are struggling to gain clientele, or maybe you've been in business for quite some time, but are having a hard time keeping up with the new market, OR maybe you just want to take your branding to the next level. Don't stress! We're here to help. Working with passionate people like you is what we love to do.

Here at Eye Savvy, we work with our clients to clarify their vision and provide them with an exclusive brand identity that allows their business to reach their ideal market, attract more customers, and convert leads to sales.

Our area of expertise is providing small business with unique branding packages. That includes everything from logo design, typography, color palette and marketing materials. We're here to clarify your vision and give you the tools you need for your brand to excel.


holistic approach

Having a holistic brand is more than implementing a logo or color palette. It's about creating a unique customer experience that leaves your exclusive "fingerprint". That's what EyeSavvy is here for. I specialize in brand packages thinking about all of your brands needs at the beginning of our design  process.

brand consistency

Brand consistency is a key element in allowing your audience to endure an experience and commemorate the value you have to offer. From the design of your website to the manner in which your customer is greeted at the door, being consistent across all platforms helps your business provide a lasting identity.


I'm an artist first and a designer/marketer second. Having a diverse background allows me to understand all angles of the creative process and has me always thinking outside of the box. With my artistic background, I can build unique visual content around your brands identity. 

providing originality

Providing originality is an essential part of my overall process to guarantee your brand will be one of a kind. My artistic background, provides custom logos, lettering, illustration and much much more!

Clarify your vision

I understand communicating your vision can be a difficult task as I've worked with many brands to transform their visions to reality. Helping you to identifying your brand, will allow your website, marketing materials, branding and packaging to all work in your favor.


A brand package gives you all the tools and assets you need to go forward with any branding that you need for your business. This package sets the tone for your overall brand, allowing you to use these elements and remain consistent in everything that you do.

package contents

Logo Design

Custom Graphic Elements

Pattern Design

Color Palette

Branding Guidelines

Marketing Material