I believe...

that a designer needs to be more than just a designer.

A designer needs to be a polymath. I always question, always explore new ideas and I’m constantly expanding my skillset as a creative. My wide-range and very diverse background in fine art, branding, environmental design, web, digital marketing and merchandising give me a well-rounded perspective on how a brand can be executed on multiple platforms.

every design should be beautiful, purposeful, and unique.

What is design without purpose? What makes design memorable if it’s not unique? Why should I continue to look at something, if it isn’t beautiful? During my creative process, I take the time to explore different ideas, research and sketch before jumping into my designs. I could have 126 tiny sketches before I find the right one.

in communication.

As creative’s minds wander in so many fun and exciting directions, we often get lost in our work that we forget the importance of what is being communicated to the viewer. It is always important to circle back and ask the question - “does this communicate properly?”

in strong relationships

It’s important for a designer to build trust with their clients. I always have my clients best interest at heart. I take the time to communicate my process and make sure that the client and myself are always on the same page. Nothing brings me more joy than sending over the first round of design to my client and them responding with complete joy and excitement …(with lots of exclamation points at the end)

In having an artistic edge

My creative career began with my hands…painting, and drawing in every medium you can imagine. I love when the world of art and design collide. I specialize in integrating hand drawn elements and textures into my design so that my clients are always getting something 100% original and unique. My experience working with different mediums allows me to design in many different styles and techniques.

Hello There! I'm Kiki Bakowski, Founder of EyeSavvy Design. I'm an East Coast/West Coast girl originally from Buffalo, NY. In 2012 I drove my little fiat cross country to the beautiful and sunny Los Angeles.

I have over 10 years of professional experience working with big companies and small companies. Now, I dedicate my time to helping people grow their small businesses!

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